Taman Maharani Ayu 2



 Taman Maharani Ayu 2 is an exclusive residential address located just minutes from the Muar City. 
This freehold contemporary address features 2 & 3 storey cluster homes with a guarded environment that fosters a sense of community
and togetherness for the entire family amidst nature's serene tranquility.

Taman Maharani Ayu 2 allows you to fashionably unwind at your balcony. It's the perfect space to enjoy a relaxing night with family and friends, 
as you allow yourself to be inspired by the serene ambience.
地处优质地段的 Taman Maharani Ayu 2,让您悠闲惬意的放松在自家阳台。
您可选择与家人和朋友, 享受一个轻松愉快的夜晚; 或是独自一人, 让自己在宁静的氛围中得到无限启发。


 Property Type

Three Storey Cluster House
Double Storey Cluster House
Land area / 土地面积
30' X 60'
Land area / 土地面积
30' X 60'


For more information, please call : 012-688 6252 / 012-688 6232 / 019-756 8950
Customer Care Line : 06-953 3399




1. Stainless Steel Gate & Staircase Handrail   白钢篱笆门及白钢楼梯扶手
2. Aluminium Frame With Clear Glass Sliding Door   白色木式铝及亮面玻璃
3. Floor Finished With Tiles : Living, Dining & Bedroom   屋内磁砖 :客厅,饭厅及卧室
4. Bathrooms Finished With Wall & Floor Tiles   浴室铺上地砖及墙
5. Plaster Ceiling   石膏天花板
6. Wet & Dry Kitchens   拥有干,湿两个厨房
7. Wet Kitchen Table Top   湿厨房桌台
8. Rain Water Harvesting System   雨水蓄存系统
9. 'Anti Termites Treatment' With 3 Years Warranty   防白蚁油 (保证三年)
10. UNIFI Point Ready   设有UNIFI插座
11. Air Cond Power Point Ready   设有冷气位
12. Alarm Wiring Point Ready   预设防盗铃系统线路
13. Auto Gate Wiring Point Ready   设有电动门 (线路)
14. Water Heater Point Ready   热水器插座
15. Bathtub & Shower Area in Master Bathroom for 3 Storey Cluster House   三层毗连式洋房的主浴室设有浴缸和淋浴区
16. Water Heater System in Master Bathroom for 3 Storey Cluster House   三层毗连式洋房的主浴室设有热水器系统



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